It began with list of dogs in need of rescue. The 8 month old Red Heeler (Australian Cattle dog) immediately caught my eye because A: It was a Heeler (I have a soft spot in my heart for this breed) B: His description said a home with a job would need to be in his future. Without hesitation arrangements to transport him from Winters to San Jose were put in motion. But, before he could be moved he came down with Parvo. Then just one week later, in what we would all come to know as his indomitable spirit, he was able to resume his journey to SJ.

From the very beginning Cannon proved to be the type of dog fly ball & disc dog people dream of finding. Michelle Martin Largent, an experienced canine sports parent and trainer, met him at his disc dog tournament debut. The rest is history. Cannon excels at every thing he does whether it’s being one of the family dogs or competing in Barn Hunt, Disc, Dock Diving or Flyball.

This incredibly special former NARF foster dog is in a fight for his life at the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital. He is critically ill with a confirmed diagnosis of Leptospirosis. To help defray the cost of his medical treatments (he is undergoing dialysis) an online auction and Go Fund me account have been set up:

Cannon’s Go Fund Me Campaign