Dear Friends of NARF:

During the past year, we have been proud to have several programs in place to help assist the dogs and cats in our community. Besides our general fund which allows NARF to rescue, rehabilitate and secure loving adoptive homes for the abandoned animals in our community, we now have four active programs in place. These programs are special because they reach out to our community by providing financial assistance to owners whose pets are experiencing a medical emergency, by providing financial assistance for spays and neuters, and by providing veterinary medical assistance to senior citizens adopting a senior NARF rescue dog or cat. Only through your generous donations have these programs become a reality in the past year, and we are very grateful and thankful to each of you.

We would like to share two stories about how your donations are appreciated by both our furry and human friends:

A Message of Thanks From a Soldier

I have loved animals all of my life so it’s not a surprise that when I was in high school, I volunteered at the Nike Animal Rescue Foundation. I was there a couple of years helping out at the dog pet fairs, after which I joined the Army and served for five years, which included two combat deployments during that time. Upon return, I adopted a puppy from NARF and have had Kalie for 5 years. Recently on my way down to my weekend duty for the National Guard, I spotted a puppy in the middle of Highway 99. This poor Shepherd mix puppy was covered in ticks and was so emaciated that you could see her ribs, hip bones and even her heart beat through her chest. I brought her to my National Guard Armory and kept her with me the entire weekend, giving her multiple showers to help get rid of the tick infestation. It was a team effort as the other soldiers brought her dog food and played with her too.

The first person I thought to call was Linda Pope of NARF who immediately offered to help. She scheduled veterinary appointments for Phoebe and after multiple appointments, x-rays and lab work, she is tick-free, spayed, microchipped and a happy and healthy dog! During her medical appointments, it was discovered that her hips had not fully developed and the balls of her back legs were not in the sockets. Although she has acclimated to this disability, we plan to get her hips fixed in the future to provide more comfort for Phoebe.

So on my way to serve my country, I found Phoebe and Phoebe found me. But none of this would be possible without the support of the Nike Animal Rescue Foundation. Pheobe is one well-loved dog and we are both grateful to have each other.

~Shaun D.

Spike’s Double Miracle

Spike really is a miracle kitty. During our usual daily feeding of the creek kitties, an outsider arrived looking for something to eat and some petting. He had a big sticky clump of pine tar on his back and although very hungry, he patiently waited his turn to eat. A quick trip to the vet to get the sap shaved off and to check for a microchip turned into an extended stay. Spike was one very sick kitty and would have died soon. He was estimated to be around 12 years of age, he had very bad diarrhea and his blood glucose was off the charts. He was so patient during all the treatment he needed that the staff at the clinic fell in love with him! He was the most patient and obliging kitty you could ever meet, and it was during that time that they discovered he was also deaf. After a three week stay at the vet clinic to get him healthy, he arrived at his foster home in need of two injections of insulin a day, a special prescription food, and pills for his diarrhea. Spike is doing very well now and had even gained about three pounds!

Spike’s second miracle happened when a wonderful lady named Judy read his story on the NARF website. She and her longtime companion Bill had decided they were ready to adopt a kitty and thought a special needs kitty might be something they wanted to try. They came to meet him at his foster home and he walked right up to them and wanted petting! After hearing all about him and his needs, they were determined to give him a try. Spike has been renamed Don Jose because Judy said he is a perfect old Spanish gentleman. He has adjusted to his new home very well and has even gotten used to the set of steps he needs to use to climb up on their bed to take naps. Once a very sick and homeless cat, Don Jose has now found his loving and forever home. Since he is in our Senior for Senior program, Don Jose’s medical expenses will be covered by NARF for the rest of his happy life with Judy and Bill!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to thank each of you for your generous contributions and support that you have given, and continue to give to the dogs and cats in our community.

For the animals,
Linda Pope, President
Nike Animal Rescue Foundation

Donations can be made on our Donate page and on our Facebook page.