Happy Pet Adoptions

Read what new adopting homes have written in to us to say about the new adopted members of their families. More stories coming soon!

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Hi Linda.

Maya is doing very well in her new home. She fit right in and there are no problems with her getting along with my other dog and vice versa.

I am so glad that I brought this little dog into my life. She doesn’t replace my older dog and I miss him sorely — I just had room to give another dog a chance to have a forever home. I hope to have many years of companionship with her as well.

I’ve attached some pictures for your enjoyment. Beware–they are cute! Regards,

–Fern R.

Dear Evonne,

About seven years ago, we adopted “Sheeba”, a 1-year-old Border Collie/Retreiver mix from your Fremont home. She was quite shy and nervous when we first got her. I just wanted to share with you that she has brought incredible joy to our lives for my three daughters, my husband, and I. I recently helped my mother adopt a small dog through NARF and saw your name, which reminded me of when we found Sheeba. Best of luck to you and all of those who work so hard to find loving homes for the dogs you care for. Sincerely,


To Linda and all the workers at NARF:

I adopted Damian last weekend at the adoption pet fair in Campbell. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful dog he is. He is fully house-broken, very attentive, and obedient. He adjusted very well and, I might add, very quickly. He seems to be happy and content. We are very pleased and just can’t believe how lucky we are to have gotten such a wonderful dog. Thank you.


Dear NARF,

About four years ago, we adopted a wonderful Terrier mix from you, and she has been nothing but love to us all. I just wanted to thank you for your services that you provide and for the wonderful experience we have had. Soon I will be looking for a dog, as soon as I find a house, and NARF is going to be my first stop. I will tell everyone interested in a new pet to look here first. You guys are great. Thank you.


Happy New Year Mary,

Remember little “Pooh”? He is now known as “Lucky” because we feel we got lucky to have found him, and he got lucky as well. He sure made my Holiday a lot brighter. Everyone loves Lucky. He takes a long, leisurely walk around the neighborhood once a day. Passers-by always get to smiling when they look down to him. In our backyard, he loves chasing squirrels who scurry about in the tall walnut tree branches. Lucky jumps about 5 feet high, flinging his curly little body at the fence, hoping of catching one! He is sitting in my lap (his favorite spot) as I type this note to you!

–Best wished in 2001.


“[A little while ago,] I adopted Newman and Abby from your foster home. I just wanted to send you their latest picture. They’re doing great and are great pals!!”

–Julie & Stuart Inouye


Here is a picture from the first couple of days of Mitch meeting Sunny. As you know, he’s pretty much a blur when you try to get a picture! Non-stop energy!He has made himself very at home and has to copy and follow his new big brother everywhere! I can’t believe how the big (neutered) male cat takes such a nurturing role. Mitch loves his grooming! Purr…purr….Thanks again.”

–Ann Soares