Mrs Weasley

Sex: Female
Date of Birth: July 2012 (Approx.)
Hair Length: Medium


I am a loving “mom” who was dumped in a box, with my babies in another box, outside a closed pet store.  I was starving, as were my 5 three week old babies.  BUT, we were found, and we were rescued by NARF.  My babies are thriving and getting adopted, and I’m just looking for a nice quiet home for myself.

I’m a brown tabby girl, and I might actually be medium haired, cause I’m fluffy and I’m still getting my coat back in tip top condition. I like to be petted, and sometimes I talk too much, but that’s just because I like the sound of your voice.

The vet thinks I’m about 2 years old, but it’s ok, I’m small and I have simple tastes – keep me in food and water and I’ll keep you in “loves”