Sex: Male
Breed: Scottish Terrier Mix
Date of Birth: May 2011 (Approx.)
Adult Weight: 19 lbs. (Approx./Est.)

Contact Mai (Fergus's foster parent) by email at maitai48@earthlink.net or by phone at (408) 224-6273.

Fergus is a male Scottish Terrier mix born approximately May 2011 and weighs 19 lbs. Out and about and at home, Fergus is super sweet with a sunny happy-go-lucky personality. At adoptions fairs he can be a very different dog. At adoption fairs Fergus sometimes gets grumpy and defensive of his space. We think this reaction maybe linked to his vision. Due to a congenital defect, Fergus only has vision in his right eye. In the space confines of an adoption fair, he is not always able to put himself in a position to fully see what’s going on around him. When this happens, Fergus may either bark fiercely at the person wanting to pet him (stopping any contact) or “freeze” when the person reaches out to pet him (causing me to intervene and stop the contact because he is not displaying friendly body language). He is compatible with female dogs of a similar size. Adult only home please. Crate trained.

Formal training classes highly recommended.