Sex: Male
Breed: Pointer/Cattle Dog Mix
Date of Birth: September 2010 (Approx.)
Adult Weight: 45-50 lbs. (Approx./Est.)

Contact Mai (Roscoe's foster parent) by email at or by phone at (408) 224-6273.


Roscoe is a male Pointer/Cattle Dog mix born approximately September 2010 and weighs 45-50 lbs. Roscoe spent a number of his formative months living by himself in a field in Modesto.  It appears that until he was spotted by the woman, who was eventually able to approach and catch him, he survived by raiding garbage cans.  This survival effort earned him the food he needed but also the rage of residents of the homes he targeted. Roscoe was regularly screamed at, chased and had thing thrown at him. We think that might be at least part of the reason he’s fearful of most men, travels at warp speed when moving from point A to point B and gets so anxious when taken out of his comfort zone. Roscoe’s most at ease when playing with one or more of his foster siblings in the yard or hanging out in his crate. His forever home guardian will need to understand that with lots of positive reinforcement and tons of patience, he may improve but he’s unlikely to become a “go everywhere with you” kind of companion.  Roscoe’s affectionate, personable and great with other dogs. Sharing a home with another canine is a must. He’s okay with cats and has some basic obedience skills.

Formal training contract recommended.