Silicon Valley Cares Puts on Broomstick Ball to Benefit NARF

Congratulations and thanks to the girls of Girl Scout Troop 60041: Annabel, Amy, Audrey, Brianna, Zoe, Nicole, Victoria, Janet, Hallie, Lia, and their leader, Lesley!

Last April, Silicon Valley Cares – a local nonprofit organization – selected NARF to be one of the beneficiaries of their annual charity ball. This would be their third year organizing the ball, each year choosing four organizations to share the proceeds generated by the fundraiser.


The week before Halloween, after months of work and planning, the ball took place. It was a grand success. The excellent work of the SVC members was evident, and costumed participants came and had a good time for good causes. There were games, food and music during the evening.


NARF would like to express our sincere appreciation to SVC for having been chosen and for all the excellent work that SVC did to make the event such a success. We also want to acknowledge and thank the many NARF volunteers who came and worked tirelessly to make the evening possible. It is important to remember that NARF is made up entirely of volunteers, and would not exist without so much year-round work by our numerous volunteers.


To learn more about Silicon Valley Cares, please visit their website at