San Jose, California


Short Hair

  • Male
  • Kitten
    March 5, 2020
  • Hair length:
    Short Hair
  • Foster parent:

seniors program eligible

Wombat qualifies for the Seniors Program. Benefits of the Seniors Program include:

  • No adoption fee
  • Medical assistance

For more information about the Seniors Program, click here.

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Hi I’m Colby, although maybe I should be called Caruso because I have an operatic ‘Meow!” My meow can get everyone’s attention. I am a well mannered cat, usually. I love being safely indoors and looking out at birds and blowing leaves. Sleeping on laps makes me very happy.  I purr easily.  I am very sensitive and shy and prefer a home with no other pets or small children.  I am really good at hiding. I find the darkest, quietest, most inaccessible place to nap. You will marvel at how good at this I am. I like to watch my people do their activities, sometimes I ‘help’. I like to be around my people.