San Jose, California



Black and White

  • Female
  • Adult
    October 17, 2020
  • Hair length:
    Short Hair
  • Foster parent:

seniors program eligible

Wombat qualifies for the Seniors Program. Benefits of the Seniors Program include:

  • No adoption fee
  • Medical assistance

For more information about the Seniors Program, click here.

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She is an extremely friendly, energetic and curious cat. She loves to be pet, and doesn’t mind be picked up and held. She also loves to play with toys, look out of the window and explore every part of the house. She was found outside and does like being outdoors, she is a natural hunter, but has adapted to being indoors. While she does like the indoors she will try and escape outside given the chance if she is determined (i.e; escaping through windows or doors that are open even with a screen on it). She would adapt very well with new people, however it is unknown if she would do well with dogs or other cats, so it would probably be best for her in a single pet household.