San Jose, California



  • Male
  • Senior
    April 8, 2012
  • Hair length:
    Short Hair
  • Foster parent:

seniors program eligible

Wombat qualifies for the Seniors Program. Benefits of the Seniors Program include:

  • No adoption fee
  • Medical assistance

For more information about the Seniors Program, click here.

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Norris is a big softy that loves to be held in a sitting position on your lap with his tummy rubbed. He just likes to be in the same room as you, even if he’s just sitting and waiting for you to be done brushing your teeth. He’s a bit clumsy for a cat, but he’s provided a lot of the comic relief between him and Chuck. He may be skittish at first with new people, and especially loud noises, but if you have a gentle approach and give him treats, he’ll love you lots.

If interested, please contact Chelsea (831) 254-5458. SERIOUS INTEREST ONLY, PLEASE.

p.s. Chuck and Norris are such wonderful, unique, funny and loving cats. They are brothers and have been together their entire lives and they should continue to stay together. They're indoor cats who love to cuddle up, get rambunctious with their toys and let their curiosity run free.