San Jose, California



Medium Hair Tux

  • Male
  • Kitten
    November 16, 2020
  • Hair length:
    Medium Hair
  • Foster parent:

seniors program eligible

Wombat qualifies for the Seniors Program. Benefits of the Seniors Program include:

  • No adoption fee
  • Medical assistance

For more information about the Seniors Program, click here.

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This is a kitten that thinks… If you observe him you can even see it. He figures out how to get things out of bags and boxes. He is very bright and smart, extremely energetic . He runs at warp speed, and needs room to run at times. He can be so funny leaping and jumping, and with all of his antics. He can entertain himself as well as you for long periods of time with his favorite ball.  He will carry it in his mouth and hide it for a few seconds then go retrieve it and bring it to a box in the other room and drop it in the box. Then he jumps in the box and gets the ball out with his paw and starts all over again carrying it in his mouth. He also flings the ball in the air with his paws. His favorite ball will come with him when he is adopted because he loves it so much.

He loves to play with us with the fishing pole toy that has feathers on the end. He will jump up and leap for it and try to drag it away relentlessly. He will play this way as long as you continue. He sometimes lays on my lap for a nap when he is very sleepy. He loves to be brushed and petted especially on the top of his head. His fur is beautiful, sleek and shiny.

This is a very special kitten. He needs to be with those who are willing to play with him, and he does need to have enough toys to play with so he can also entertain himself.

He hasn’t learned to come to any name yet, maybe because he’s been with his brother all this time, and they both came together when called... but that leaves it open for you to give him whatever name you choose.

If you want a sweet, smart, energetic and beautiful kitten, you will love this one.