July 2021

A Cat Named Lucy

An Adoption Story from Erin I.

I’ve never owned a pet in my life, but after a friendly neighborhood cat kept visiting me during 2020’s shelter in place, I started visiting adoption websites, late at night, after long days of unsuccessful Zoom teaching.  I wasn’t the only one looking to adopt, pets were in high demand and only video appointments were available. Being a first time pet owner, I really wanted to meet potential cats in person. 

My friend asked at her local Petco for adoption advice and they said in pre-Covid times they worked with Nike and quickly added, “...the rescue organization not the shoe brand.” I figured out Nike was actually NARF and started perusing the cats and kittens on their website daily.

One night, after particularly bad day of Zoom teaching, an adult cat named Lucy caught my eye on NARF’s website. Her written description seemed like a perfect fit, "Lucy is full of love. She is very social and loves attention. She greets her human when they get home. Very gentle and happy little lady."  I emailed the head cat adopter Kathy about my interest in Lucy and two other cats, just in case. The very next day Kathy called me and said only one of my three choices was still available...Lucy! 

Just two hours after I spoke to Kathy, Lucy’s foster mom Maggie called me and filled me in on Lucy’s background. When I asked Maggie if we could do a FaceTime call or Zoom meeting so I could meet Lucy she said, "I'm so bad with technology, why don't you just come over?" The exact words I was hoping to hear.

In just two short phone calls I could tell I was dealing with an organization that not only was efficient but passionate about placing animals. Both Kathy and Maggie were helpful and thorough as they patiently answered all my first time cat owner questions.

The first three nights with Lucy were nuts. She meowed and cried all night. I didn't sleep at all and couldn't figure out what would make her happy. I had emergency calls with Maggie and Kathy. Maggie was concerned and surprised that Lucy meowed that much. Kathy laughed wholeheartedly when she heard about my sleepless nights, but then gave me some basic suggestions ('You need to ignore her crying and wear ear plugs!').

Things have calmed down. Lucy loves to play hide and seek, is obsessed with empty boxes, and loves to stare out windows. She greets me at the door when I come home and sniffs me gently to see where I have been. Lucy became a great motivator for my 4th grade students. When they begged to see new photos or videos of her, I would simply say, “Sure, after you finish your work!”

I could have adopted a cat from any organization, but what sets NARF apart in my mind is their continued support and care they have given me post adoption. I keep in regular contact with Maggie and recently met Kathy at a kitten fair. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time adoption experience and will be forever grateful to NARF for connecting me with Lucy.