community programs

We are excited to have several programs for our community, including the Seniors program, the spay and neuter program, a financial assistance program for cat and dog owners needing medical help for their own animals, and a program for good samaritans taking in stray cats and caring for them until homes are found.

seniors program

Donations provide veterinary medical assistance to people adopting a NARF rescue cat or dog.

More information about our Seniors program can be found here.

miles canine medical assistance

Donations provide veterinary medical care for local non-foster dogs in a crisis situation.

kathleen desimone memorial

Donations provide veterinary medical care for local, non-foster cats in a crisis situation.

steve askins spay & neuter

Donations provide financial assistance for the spay and neuter of non-foster cats and dogs, in addition to feral cats in our community.

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Please indicate on the check which fund you would like to donate to. For example, "Senior Program."
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