December 2020

The love of Jack, an adoption story

From the Lindsay B. Family

In October 2005, I adopted a dog named Jack from NARF. We were living in Pacifica and intended to adopt a different dog but when the line was long at another adoption event, I saw you had an event close by in San Jose. Jack was a shaggy Cairn Terrier/Pomeranian mix. He was given away because he bit a toddler. He was 2 at the time.

We had Jack for 15 years and I am sad to report that today, Jack gained his angel wings and went over the rainbow bridge. I honestly thought he would live another year or two even though he was already a very senior dog. The day that we adopted Jack, he was in a pen with about 10 Chihuahuas. My husband said if you want that dog, you better get him now before someone else does. He was underweight, his hair was very long and he had issues with men. I will tell you that he was the sweetest dog on the planet. He had a wonderful personality.

I adopted another dog several years later and she was a puppy. We did not know much about her but found out after a few years that we were her fourth family and she had dog aggression. She never showed Jack any aggression. She was bigger than him but he taught her how to be a good dog. He had amazing energy. I ended up having 2 daughters. We taught them boundaries with the dogs but he also never showed either girl any aggression. When they were babies he laid beside them. He loved them.

I cannot thank your organization enough for providing us with such an incredible dog. I will never find another dog like Jack. I am truly grateful that he lived so long and blessed our family with so much love and joy. He was my original baby. He was a little fighter. He survived cancer at 12 and tapeworm at 14. Last week, his body started shutting down as he went into kidney failure. I was able to give him a very peaceful passing by having a vet come to our house. I think he knew it was time. He stopped eating this weekend and you could tell his nervous system was starting to be affected. He was not in full organ shutdown but I am happy that I could prevent him from getting to that point and do it in a way that he was calm and quiet in a place where he was comfortable.

In his honor, I donated $250 to NARF today. I am forever grateful to your rescue for giving me Jack.